Employers hire Students based based on their communication skills, technical aptitude and cultural fitment into the organisations. Skills Enhancement Training make students Job ready!

Employers only hire Certified Professionals

We at Super Skillz™ realize that a skillset gap exists and aim to upskill students on their business communication, softskills, corporate skills and interview skills. Institutes, colleges, partner with us to improve their student placements. This benefits students the knowledge to succeed in various industries.

On our website we offer Discussion forums and Online Learning Platform to connect trainers and Institutes. We connect Training Professionals and Institutes. Our Learning Platform and content evaluation service is relevant for multiple industries.

On-campus workshop

Super Skillz™ guides in On-Campus workshops in universities, institutes and colleges across India. Adult Training Practices ensures a Multi Industry Focus for students. This translates into greater learning for students. These corporate skills are critical for students to succeed in a global business environment. Some of the critical skills which can be covered in these workshops are-

✔ Business Communication Skills

✔ Soft Skills

✔ Corporate Skills

✔ Interview Skills

✔ Sales Techniques …more..

Partner with Super Skillz™

✔ For Management, Engineering, Universities, Colleges, Educational, Vocational, Polytechnic Centres

✔ Enhance Corporate and Soft Skills of students to improve their job placement opportunities

✔ Enable Courses and Certifications on Online Learning Portal

✔ Trainer Benchmarking and Content Evaluation Service for  Institutes.

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